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Nördheim's snow-covered landscape consists of a contrast between lower elevation areas such as islands, farmland, and woodlands, and higher elevation areas such as mountain slopes, alpine peaks, and steep cliffs.

Together these areas create an epic battleground that will put players skill, ingenuity, and decision-making to the test in order to make it out on top in this wintery warzone.




Nördheim takes players to a land where ancient mythology and tradition stand side-by-side with modern culture, technology, and architecture.



Map details

Major locations

Minor locations


Unique Gameplay Features

Four player vehicles

Two player vehicles

One player vehicles


Easter Eggs

A small wooden church is preparing for a local band's amateur concert. Posters and stage decor allude to the band's musical style.

A stone with a peculiar message carved into it, written in viking runes. The deciphered message reads "Regionlock Scandinavia!" Archeologists are baffled and confused.

A statue of a grumpy troll sits underneath a small stone bridge. To pass the bridge you might have to pay the troll toll – in blood.

Deep inside a pine forest, there's the remnants of a rave party. The trees are lit up with trippy colors and a low trance beat continues to play.

Valhalla Crate

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